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you’re hired
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Stop he’s staring at the toy with so much love. I can’t.
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so i’m doing a small shirt giveaway, six shirts in all. that contain justin schultz from the edmonton oilers, chris kreider from the new york rangers, brent seabrook and patrick sharp from the chicago blackhawks, as well as a feather shirt they sell at the UC, and limited edition henrik lundqvist shirt from the new york rangers. these are all sized ‘S’ in men sizes and have either been purchased from the NHL shop online or in person at the Blackhawks Store at the United Center. they have also all been used, some more than others (seabroook) but are in good condition! 
here is a post on how they look like from the front.
the rules or guidelines are very simple.
reblog (no limit on how manys times) or like and i’ll pick a winner by the july 21st, so that’s a good two weeks from now.
usa/canada only. i’m really sorry, but i have little experience with shipping over seas and i don’t want to let anyone down if i don’t do it correctly.
if you want to follow me that’d be rad, but if you don’t no hard feelings.
also, if you have any questions my ask box is open.
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